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Text Box: Using an Electronic Publisher

Text Box: Doing your own electronic publishing means that you pocket the proceeds. It also means that you have to do all the work, i.e. produce the e-book, advertise it effectively, set up a website and take payment online. Many therefore hand over the process to electronic publishers who handle these aspects, paying royalties that are usually more generous than with conventional publishing. Terms of contract are important, and you may or may not have to give up copyright. More important, electronic publishers are choosy in what they will take, and poetry collections are not among their favourites. 
You'll find electronic publishers listed on the Internet. Shop around and look carefully at what they publish and the terms applying. Electronic publishing is not so different from conventional publishing, and various author help sites provide valuable information on what to look out for.
Nothing could be easier than doing your own electronic publishing. All the packages produce documents with sealed content, i.e. the pages cannot be altered by third parties and passed off as their own. Many packages also provide password protection, though once opened the e-book can be copied and sent across the Internet etc. The more expensive programs lock the e-book to a certain user or Pc, but they are also more troublesome to compile, and some purchasers simply refuse to read unlock instructions.