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Text Box: Electronic publishing, or "e-publishing," is basically a form of publishing in which books, journals and magazines are being produced and stored electronically rather than in print. These publications have all qualities of the normal publishing like the use of colours, graphics, images and are much convenient also. Electronic publishing empowers all writers in ways that no technology has ever done before. Whatever you write ! fiction, poetry, news, how-to books or business documents ! there are exciting things happening that will directly affect how you write and distribute work.
Electronic publications may be produced in a variety of formats, including online, on disk or CD-ROM, as a file that can be downloaded or transmitted via e-mail or as a file that can be downloaded to a hand-held electronic reader or similar device. Many e-publishers offer books in several of these formats. E-publishers produce and distribute new works, which are appearing for the first time and may only appear in electronic format (though some may also be produced in a "books on demand" format as well).
Electronic publishing in science has recently become the focus of an increasing number of workshops and conferences, typically including representatives from professional societies and other scholarly publishing concerns, and members of the library community; but only a small or vanishing participation from actual researchers. This is ironic since the average scientist provides the lifeblood of scientific publication on a daily basis as reader, author, and referee, frequently as editor, and also as organizer of conferences, schools, and workshops.
The advantages of electronic publishing are obvious: lower production costs, smaller print-runs, shorter times to market, greater power and profits to authors and adventurous publishers. But there are still many problems ! association with vanity publishing, expensive e-book readers, proliferating standards, limited range of titles, fewer quality filters in the production line.

Text Box: In electronic publishing proper, the book or document is wholly published in electronic form, to be read on the computer  or with a special e-book reader. 
You can do your own electronic publishing, or submit your manuscript to an electronic publisher for digital rendering, marketing and distribution.

Just like all other aspects of life, the digital revolution has taken on the world of publishing also. With digital publishing coming to the fore, the publishing world has undergone several fundamental changes. Earlier, publishing was strictly related to paper. However, now paperless publishing or electronic publishing is gaining more prominence.