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Important for publisher

In the publication sector, there also exists the highest level of risk to be taken into consideration. This is because the cost of printing paper, cost of circulation and the problem unstable marketing will give impact in this publication. Who those cannot stand on that time will end the business. The Publisher will face the risk of bringing profit or not getting any profit in the short-term time or long-term time. Cost of publication is the big value or amount in the new publisher. The new publisher must face the big problem if they do not have fund to cover all the publication cost. Nowadays technology has brought tremendous changes and build new electronic network. That depends on the demand and needed of the consumer. Through this facility, the publishers have no need to worry about the cost and the quantity they want to produce or sell to the customers. This is because the publisher only produces the data by the orders from customer. In such way, the publisher can put all the attention in other aspects of the product to improve it’s quality such as editing clippings of the publication, make better the manuscript and choosing better projects to be put into writing or the coming soon programs to inform the audience.


Significance to the publisher

In the system of electronic publication, the problem of distribution and selling of a particular book will be the most convenient and easy way to solve this problem, this is because the system already set up the data in the network and let the computer handle the situation. So the customer only needs to order from Internet or a computer-mediated facility that already prepare the online forms for the ordering of the book. This solution can help publisher to increase profit and no lose the profit. So the publisher only needs to know how many book orders from the customers. Rawlins (1972) supports the use of electronic publication management system. Based on Rawlins, “the electronic is the equivalent of the road system of today. Instead of killing trees, printing books, expanding oil and human labor to transport them to various retailers, polluting the environment, and taking days to do so, any book can be sent on demand directly from the publisher to any reader in the world in seconds.” Based on the Rawlins, this publication technology will have one new trend to give people a new kind of facility and satisfy the growing needs of customers worldwide. This is because electronic publication can save the time and energy compared to the traditional method used to produce a book, starting from the process of writing to printing.


Important for library

The public can have access to the thousand and thousands of books available at the library to read. If publisher are able to produce that many book, that means libraries around the world also have many collections and have many books student refer and read at the library. Library also can lend many books to student as the reference when student need to complete their assignment or to prepare during examination time. Publication of electronic books not only can give many advantages to the library, but also becomes a much needed commodity to students. Student also can have the nice place to make their revision, study, complete their homework and provide a quite place for the students to do their reading. Publication of electronic books will buy from management of library, this is because now a day library is importance for student, if need any reference can refer the book at library. That more easy for student when can not ask the information from lecturer.


Important to consumer

According to Smith “ Virtual communities produce a variety of collective goods. They allow people or like interests to come together with little cost, help them exchange ideas, and coordinate their activities and provide the kind of identification and feeling of membership found in face-to-face interaction. In the process, they face familiar problems of defection, free-riding and other from of disruptive behavior although in new and sometimes much unexpected ways. The novelty of medium means that the rules and practices that lead to a successful virtual community are not yet well known or set fast in codified formal system”. Not all the consumer is like the publication electronic, this is because may be old generation do not know how to use it. Beside that got some people think that the power of use the own book if compare with using the technology publication, this is because technology publication need the electronic, the software and the hardware. If read the book only bring the book only and then also can read at everywhere. Another reason is the book also can open and read many time and no have any limit. System of publication electronic can find out many data and information in the short time, that means very easy for the searching the information. No need spend many time in find out the data too. This facility can let the Analyst of Law and Analyst can get the data in short time and easy let them have and analysis the data efficiency. Beside that, consumer also have the forum like can share the opinion in the web, give the own view and also can any action can share with other people when together is using the same technology like internet.


Important for government

Government work as guard the information and the technology in the publication all the book. This is because the internet can let many people put some useless information and some bad news about government. But the government hope community can independent manage and can different out what is the good and bad information. This is depending the individual who can read the benefit book can give knowledge to audience. This knowledge must useful in the education or other sector. The publication also help Malaysia government success in project Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), this is because the publication electronic can process many thing about technology.