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*†† †† Publisher is set up to allow fast, easy creating of flyers, brochures, newsletters, banners and other documents that arenít suited to word processors. Although publisher has rudimentary HTML export functions for web page building, there are several other tools better suited to this function.



*†† †† Other tools such as inDesign and xPress offer advanced typographic and color calibration controls, XML for professional document production because publisher doesnít support these functions, it is not generally used by graphic design and publishing agencies.



*†† †† Besides, this is a course for people in the printing industry wanting to improve their computer. Skills or† for graphic designers wanting practical printing production knowledge. It has been redesigned as a very basic, entry- level class.



*†† †† The primary sofrware used is pagemaker, InDesign and Quark Xpress.† However, it is assumed†† that accessisavailable to Free Hand, Illtustrator, Photoshop, Streamline, Communicator, Explorer†† †††††††††††††††† ††and Acrobat.



†††† htpp:// publishing.

†††† htpp://www. HTML presentation Beginning.

†††† htpp://

Universiti Utara Malaysia


Faculty of communication and modern languages

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