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Universiti Utara Malaysia


Faculty of communication and modern languages

1. Data capture

    Data capture is done thorough a certain method either by using a scanner, digital camera, video camera or even website in the internet. Data capture depends on the data needed, compatibility data, time limit of data needed and the use of technology to record and store the content of data.


2. Determining file structure

    After the data capture step, the content of data has to be identified in the format that can be stored and publisher later. Written data will be formatted into HTML. On the other hand, in the form of audio, graphic, picture will be kept in MPEG. Compatibility identification of data format usage will be needed to ensure details that had followed to correct format could be matched with the computer system to allowed the process of published data be simplified.


3. Data enhancement

    In this stage, the content of formatted data will be combined with other elements of data. For example, written data will be combined with other audio or video data to produce interactive data combination. Also, at this stage, the mixture process of data content, type and category of data that will be choose to be published.


4. Determining layout

    When the data enhancement is over, the step determining the layout is done to completed the flow of the data’s. at this stage, a few points are highlighted in the productions process, which is compatibility of data sequence, alphabetical sequence, or data content type, compatibility of data with the data element, such as graphic, audio, visual and also to arrange the protocol of data sequence so that the process of publishing data is through the layout will be completed.


5. Indexing

    At this stage, data layout will be recorded as a reference or index to allowed keywords by users, be read and listed by the system. In this case, the system determines the type and category of information needed which was chosen by the data users.


6. Testing

     At this stage, data that had been determined the layout and flow will be tested again by the system to ensure the smoothness of data flow. This test is normally done at random if there have a lot at application or a lot of electronically published product is produced.


7. Premastering

    When the ‘test’ on data flow will be finished, the premastering stage of the product, where the data layout exist, is done. At this period a master product is made to all of the content of data information which had been stored just now. Arranged data’s will go through the publication process which will be transferred to the master product before copied onto other product.


8. Mastering

    At this stage, data that have been provided for publication will be transferred and published to a master product with technology and has a high capacity. It is to ensure that copying data process from the mastering product to the other copied product.


9. Checking

    At this stage, data copying process from mastering product to copying product is over. Next steps, is to do a check up on the publishing the products that here been produced checking will be done at random but cautions, depend on the percentage of the copying product that have been tested.


10. Manufacturing

      After the checking steps over to the copying product, publishing and producing product will be done in the big amount. Checking that have been done before is to test the ability of the product to the content of data and successfully finished the data data as needed.



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