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Universiti Utara Malaysia

Text Box: Faculty of communication and modern languages
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Responsible in publishing.


1.††††† Understanding the basics of needs in publications.

The writers must know what is needed for make publishing. They must have all the material to make the† good publishing.† The technology is basics for the publishing. They must know to use all the material.


2.††††† Giving explanation and present the information easy, interesting and impressive.

The writers must explain all the content of publishing with easy. It must use easy language to make all the audiences understanding what want the writer say. The information must clear.

3.††††† Apply the media which is using the technology and element of graphics such as text, graphics, audio, sounds and video. In publishing the technology is very important.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† It is because all process of† publishing use the technology.† For example the computer technology is very important to all part in publishing.† They must use all the element in multimedia because itís can help the publishing be more interesting.


4.††††† Know the important of media medium to deliver the information to the target audiences.††† The medium is how the writer use the material of publishing to make the audience understand what they want tell. They must† use the right and suitable† medium to make the audience get the information and the message.†


5.††††† Publishing must to way communication and interactive.

In the publishing there must be the way to make audience communicate with writers. It is to get the feedback from audience. From there writer get new information from the feedback.

6.††††† Must get response from target audience to improve the publishing.

The writers must get the feedback from audience. They must know what the audience need and want. Writers must know to understand the audience and who their audience.†


7.††††† The information must deliver well for make sure the audiences accept the information.

All the content must be understand by audiences. The writer must explain all the information with clearly. They must know how to make their audience understand.


8.††††† Publishing must interesting and easy to understand by target audience.

All content in publishing must have all elements to interact the audience. Writer must add all interesting things like the graphics and animation. The design must† interact audience. Writers must use the suitable colour.††††


9. The writers must give the true and complete informationís.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††† The writers must give all true fact in their publishing. Before that, they must do the research to get the true information. They can not tell the audience the wrong things. All† must right.



Principles of Publishing