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Universiti Utara Malaysia


Faculty of communication and modern languages

Explanation About Skills of Publishing

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 Identifying the input

1 The writer should deliver the new information within know their target audience. Same information makes the audience bored. The information or topics which are want to deliver must relevant to the audience. The best input must relates to the audience past, now and the future. The information also must relevant with the person in audience surrounding.

2 The inputs give significance for the audience so that the audience can give some respond. The higher significance of the topics, the higher respond from the audience.

3 To gain the fixed facts of the input, the writers must do some research. The research will give the strong facts and the audiences will not uncertainty about the information which is published.


 Determine the aims.

1 Every single matter that the writers published should have the own aims. What the important about the input? Why itís important? How itís can give benefit to the audience? This all question must answer by the writers before publish the input.

2 Have two main categories of formal topics to determine the aims. First is a topic for information. In this category, the writers will inform about any information that audience need. What ever the audience want to know, they can search it. Example is the information about how to make the magazine. The writers will inform all the steps one by one and the audience can reach the input trough the internet.

3 Second category is a topic for persuasion. The writers try to persuade audience to change the behavior and take some action. Example is the information about drugs. At the same time, the writers try to deliver message about the dangerous of drugs. They† try† to persuade audience especially teenagers to avoid the drugs.


 Determine the audience.

1 Audience is the group of individual who have same interest. In determine the types of publishing, the important question should ask to the writers is who the target audience. The determination of the audience can help the writers provide the important input. In this process, the writers should do research about the audience.

2 The complete and accurate information about the audience important for writers to identifies the segment of main audience, preferring the new issues and help writers to choose the best programs to use.

3 The writers should determine the audience so that they can publish the information which is audience needs. They also must collect many of the data which is related to the audience. The data will gain from research. From time to time, the writers must update their information based on the compatibility of their audience.


 Choosing the genre.

1 The choosing of genre depends on the compatibility of what information the writers want to publish. The genre can get from the research which the writers do. Before choosing the genre, the writers must analysis first. It can help them choose only the best genre.

2 Some example is choosing the genre for input about electronic publishing. After do some research about the genre of electronic publishing and analysis it, the writers try to choose the best one for publishing.


 Publishing process.

In this process, the writers should through four steps to publish information. First step is determining the aims. It can help writers make sure all the sources enough. The sources include times, money, tools and human resources.

A second step is measuring the achievement. The writers can use analysis SWOT, PERT chart and Gantt chart to measure the achievement. This will help the writers improve their publishing using electronic and presenting the information.

Third steps are choosing the suitable program to use. The suitable program is which not to complex for the audience. The program also must interactive and interesting. Skills of technology are important and all writers must have these skills. If not, the delivering or presenting the information becomes bored.

A last step knows the target audience. This important because it can help the writers choose the best information to publish it in the internet. It also helps the writers to present the information in interesting ways.